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About Us


JVS Financials is a consulting firm that provides services for businesses in need of support for financial functions. These include anything from administrative financial functions (bookkeeping, payroll, etc.) to more analytical functions (budgeting, financial planning & analysis, etc). We have a full team covering all areas from global market knowledge to corporate financial analysis. We strongly believe in merging different expertise within one group to have a 360 degree view on every case. For you, it'll be just as having a full dedicated financial department in your company, for nearly pennies on the dollar!

We are very transparent in our rates and enforce constant communication to our clients. By constantly communicating, this allows us to gather all information relevant to your case, and advise of the best possible solution given that we will better understand the mechanics of your business.

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Cost Savings

You end up saving more given bookkeeper fees are much lower than your local accountant. You will still need your accountant, but he will spend much less time on your case which means more savings for you!

Facilitation of funding

If you plan on getting a loan or raising money from investors, those stakeholders will most likely want to look at your financial statements. A bookkeeper ensures that your books are clean and represent the true picture of your business’ current financial position. As a result, potential investors or lenders will have assurance on the financial information you are providing them.

Cash-Flow Planning

Clean books provide more clarity on your monthly cash spending which will help you forecast how far ahead your current cash will bring you. It is vital for your business to understand how much you are spending.

Facilitates the audit process

Not only will the auditors have more assurance on your financials, you will deal with significant cost savings as a result of clean books.

Reduced turnover and training costs

 With an external bookkeeping business, you are assured consistency through your years and growth. You will be avoiding having to re-train other candidates every year or such. 


External bookkeepers give you the option to choose from bookkeepers all over the world. It also provides you the flexibility of choosing between different time zones, different backgrounds, etc.


We support you through the different phases that your business is going through by implementing processes that will guide you in your strategic financial planning and lead you an healthier financial position.


Whether it’s for your small business or start-up our team of virtual bookkeepers have got you covered from start to finish. Some of the bookkeeping softwares we use include Quickbooks, Xero & Freshbooks.

We provide a wide range of other financial services that may be separate from the day-to-day financial management of your business. These would include financial consulting services, advice in terms of direction to take, perspectives from stakeholders, etc.


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